I received this testimony today from a man who attended the Wyoming Mountain Rancher’s Camp Meeting where I was preaching July 6-11.

From Peter Skelley

Dear Mack,

I was at the Rancher’s Camp Meeting and came to you about a sleeping problem and you prayed with me. Well, that night there was no change, but the next seven nights is a row, I have been able to sleep with out sleep aids, which is a real answer to prayer. I wanted you to know how God answered our prayer. I feel it was a real miracle, after using a sleep aid for 30 day in a row. Thank you for taking time to pray with me that night. God bless you and your family in Jesus Holy name.

In my Lord and Savior, Peter Skelley

My reply
Thanks, Peter, very much for letting me know about this; it is very encouraging and I am thankful that the Lord had mercy on you for this need; it is obviously a direct answer to prayer and is an encouragement to us all, that we should always go to the Lord about ALL things that pertain to our life, no matter how “small” it might seem; nothing is small in our lives, as far as the Lord is concerned; I praise God with you, dear brother;

Yours warmly in Him,

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