A question put to John Blanchard, the English evangelist

“What advice would you give to young evangelists today just starting out on their path in ministry?”

JB: First and foremost, make your personal walk with God a priority, though this is not my advice; it simply applies Paul’ s word to Timothy to “Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching.” As to advice, I don’t feel qualified to give any, but these (not in any significant order) are some things that have proved helpful to me.

Firstly, master the biblical basics. Knowing the words of the evangel is not the same as understanding their meaning. Keep meditating on the salvation doctrines.

Secondly, read as if your life depended on it–read, read, read!

Thirdly, read for sustenance and not just for sermons. A young evangelist once called me to ask: ‘John, what are you reading for the good of your soul?’ Always be ready to give a good answer to that question!

Fourthly, be disciplined; don’t spend time–invest it.

Fifthly, set goals, aim high and do everything you can to get there.

Sixthly, get out of bed early! Any active hours invested before 8.00 am are worth double. This kind of discipline is sometimes difficult when away from home and you need to consider your hosts, but at home there is no excuse for being sloppy.

Seventhly, develop a prayer support team and keep it up to date with your news.

Eighthly, never stop praying for wisdom from above, especially as your ministry develops and you have ever-increasing calls on your time and gifts.

– John Blanchard

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