“My meditation of Him shall be sweet!” Psalm 104:34

The Lord Jesus is the subject of my meditations. Not a day passes but my thoughts are occupied with Him. Forget whom I may, I never forget Him. Nothing feeds, nothing refreshes, nothing delights my soul like vigorous meditations on Jesus. I dwell at times on . . .

the glories of His person

the riches of His grace

the merit of His blood

the transcendent glory of His righteousness

the tenderness of His sympathy

the constancy of His love

the vastness of His resources

the greatness of His power

the glory of His offices

the prevalence of His intercession

the grandeur of His second coming

I am enamored with His beauty and enraptured with His love! My meditation of Jesus is sweet; I think of Him upon my bed, and meditate on Him through the watches of the night. Jesus is the solace and joy of my soul. When all is dark within me, when all is dreary around me, when all is discouraging before me, He fills me full of joy with His countenance.

One look from His eye, one word from His lips, and one breath breathed on my soul relieves, restores and makes me happy.

He is the river of pleasure in which I sometimes bathe; He is the Eden of delights in which I sometimes walk!

Take away Jesus and my soul droops, desponds, and dies! Give me Jesus and the enjoyment of His presence, and I can do without any other heaven! He is the joy of my brightest days, and my solace in my dreariest nights!

– James Smith

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