This day Christ, the altogether lovely one, is dishonored: can you endure it? This day idols stand where he should be and men adore them; lovers of Jesus, can ye take it? This day God’s Christ is still unknown to millions, and the precious blood cleanses not the nations; how long will ye have it so?

We, in England, with ten thousand Christian hearts, and as many tongues endowed with eloquence, and purses weighted with gold, shall we refuse our gifts, withhold our witness, and suffer the Lord to be dishonored? The church is doing next to nothing for her great Lord, she falls short both of her duty and of the grim need of a perishing world. O for a flash of the celestial fire! Oh, when shall the Spirit’s energy visit us again! When shall men put down their selfishness and seek only Christ? When shall they leave their strifes about trifles to rally round his cross! When shall we end the glorification of ourselves, and begin to make him glorious, even to the world’s end? God help us in this matter, and kindle in our hearts the old consuming heart-inflaming fire, which shall make men see that Jesus is all in all to us.

– C. H. Spurgeon

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