I had sent an email a couple of weeks ago, announcing our church’s weekend conference with David Miller, March 5-7, for those who are near north Texas or have Christian friends here;

Though the conference is still on, David Miller will not be coming; His family truly needs your prayers; their 26 year old son, Joshua, who is a paraplegic from an auto accident several years ago, has some severe infections in his legs, which could lead to amputation, if not arrested in their advance. David has stopped his preaching ministry for the coming weeks to be home with Joshua.

Please do pray for Joshua Miller and his parents, brother and Mrs. Miller, and ask your church to pray; it is a serious situation, where God’s mercy is greatly needed.

Pastor Don Johnson from Batesville, Arkansas will be preaching instead and we are greatly looking forward to Don being with us; please join us if you are able, beginning Friday evening, March 5, at 6:30 pm.

In the love of Christ,

– Mack T.

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