These are days, no doubt, that demand our most earnest devotion to prayer. ‘In everything by prayer’ is God’s plan for us. Someone has said that prayer is ‘the robing room of the soul’. Prayer sends the soul aloft and is the truest worship of the sanctified will. It is like a greenhouse for our spirit. Constant trips to the invisible world in prayer will speed us along and stabilize us in our walk of faith.

The Bible tells us that David’s kingdom grew stronger and stronger, while Saul’s kingdom grew weaker and weaker. Saul is a picture of the natural man who trusted in his own natural gifting. David inquired of the Lord constantly…and when God said to him, ‘Seek my face’, David’s heart said to the Lord, ‘Thy fac e will I seek’. Perhaps the difference between David and Saul could be summed up in David’s own words recorded in 1 Chronicles13:3: ‘And let us bring again the ark of our God to us: for we inquired not at it in the days of Saul’.

What an admission! No inquiry at the ark of God in the days of Saul, because he was not a man of prayer and did not seek the Lord as a way of life. We need to learn from this contrast, because we are like one of these men.

J. O. Fraser, missionary to China, once said, ‘It is one of the most subtle wiles of the foe to get us occupied with superficial and surface concerns. The enemy is delighted to have us so occupied incessantly with secondary and trivial things, as long as he can keep us from attacking and resisting in the true spirit of the conflict. Weigh these words’.

May our Lord enable each of us to follow Him fully as the Spirit of God seeks to lead us into the=2 0the promised land of prayer. What riches await us! Yes Lord.

The trumpet is sounding in our land, and there is a call to God’s people. Let us heed His call and respond to Him with all our hearts, for it is a call to His church.

– Al Whittinghill

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