Eternal hallelujahs
Be to the Father given,
Who loved His own
Ere time began,
And marked them out for heaven.

Anthems of equal glory,
Ascribe we to the Saviour;
Who lived and died
That we, His bride,
Might live with Him forever.

Hail, co-eternal Spirit,
Thy church’s new Creator!
The saints He seals,
Their fear dispels,
And sanctifies their nature.

We laud the Glorious Triad,
The mystic One-in-Essence;
Till called to join
The hosts that shine
In His immediate Presence.

Faithful is He that promised,
And stands engaged to save us:
The triune Lord
Has passed His word
That He will never leave us!

A Kingdom He assigned us,
Before the world’s foundation:
Thou God of grace,
Be Thine the praise,
And ours the consolation.

– Augustus Toplady (1740-1778)

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