Today the church still tries to organize more and more, but that has never been God’s way. He takes individual men. He takes Moses to the backside of the desert. John the Baptist was in the wilderness until the day of his showing forth. Jesus, the Son of God who had left the glory of His Father, spent thirty years in training to minister for three years! John Baptist spent thirty years in training for six months of preaching, then had his head cut off. The apostle Paul at least thirty years–Moses at least forty years–now we want to go to Bible School for six months to three years, and somehow expect to come out like a super prophet, thinking we have all we need!

It’s the time factor that kills most of us. Tell me how much time you spend alone with God and I will tell you just how spiritual you are. Not how many meetings you go to. Not how many gifts you have. Not how many sermons you preach. Not how many recordings you’ve made. Tell me what kind of time you spend alone with God . . .and that will tell you how spiritual you are.

– Leonard Ravenhill

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