A Letter from John Newton written September, 1764

My dear Madam,

I understand something of your warfare. Paul describes his own case in few words, “Conflicts on the outside, fears on the inside.” Does not this comprehend all you would say? And how are you to know experimentally either your own weakness or the power, wisdom and grace of God seasonably and sufficiently, except by frequent and various trials? How are the graces of patience, resignation, meekness and faith to be discovered and increased, except by the exercise of trials?

The Lord has chosen, called, and armed us for the fight! Shall we wish to be excused from the battle? Shall we not rather rejoice that we have the honor to appear in such a cause, under such a Captain, such a banner and in such a company?

God has graciously provided:

– a complete suit of armor

– formidable weapons

– precious balm to heal us if we receive a wound

– precious cordials to revive us when we are in danger of fainting

Further, we are assured of the victory beforehand! O what a crown of glory is prepared for every conqueror, which Jesus, the righteous Judge and gracious Savior, shall place upon every faithful head with His own hand!

So let us not be weary and faint, for in due season we shall reap! The time is short! In a little while, the struggle of sin and all the conflicts surrounding us shall be known no more! “Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life!” Revelation 2:10

– John Newton

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