“Turn away my eyes from beholding vanity!” Psalm 119:37

No Christian enjoys comfort when his eyes are fixed on vanity. I do not blame ungodly men for rushing to their pleasures. Why should I? Let them have their fill. That is all they have to enjoy! A godly wife who despaired of her husband’s salvation was always very kind to him, saying “I fear that this is the only world in which he will be happy; therefore I have made up my mind to make him as happy as I can in it.”

Christians must seek their delights in a higher sphere than the insipid frivolities or sinful enjoyments of the world. Vain amusements are dangerous to renewed souls. It is when the Christian departs from God, becomes spiritually starved, and endeavors to feed on vanities that the devil discovers his vantage hour. O, for grace to sincerely pray, “Remove vanity and lies far from me!” Proverbs 30:8

– C. H. Spurgeon

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