First, That it is all of grace. God does not reward us with what we need because of our faithfulness. We are unprofitable servants at the very, very best.

Second, that it is useless to get down and pray unless we have searched the Word and let it search us
(Ps. 139:23,24), even our thoughts towards others, our motives and desires. Once I had to wait three days for urgently needed help to learn this lesson.

Third, that it is not our faith we must depend on, but God’s faithfulness-our faith being only the hand held out to receive His faithfulness.

Fourth, that if the answer does not seem to come, there may be something in me that causes God to delay in very faithfulness. His faithfulness causes Him not to answer me in such case. He cannot encourage His servant in a wrong attitude by answering his prayers, can He?

Fifth, that faith must be intelligently based upon the revealed will of God. Not because I have a supreme conviction that I need something or other, but because I find it in His will, I can pray with confidence.

Sixth, that I am not to expect the Lord to answer in just the way I suggest, or think best. Means and manner and everything must be left to the will of God. We keep on looking to our usual possible sources of supply, forgetting that our real source of supply is the Lord, and that He can use anyone, anywhere, with equal ease and freedom.

Taken from — To Die is Gain: The Triumph of John and Betty Stam

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– Mack T.

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