We are free to not worry about our past, present, and future because of one simple, transformative reason–you don’t belong to you anymore! Yes, as a Christian, because  you were purchased at the price of the blood of Christ, you don’t belong to you anymore. But that is a good thing. The One who now owns you is a wiser and more powerful manager of your life that you ever would have been. He cares for you with magnificent grace, incalculable wisdom, and limitless power. Being owned by Him means you are in the best of hands. It means you’re no longer burdened by living for you. A new owner has taken control of your life, and this new owner is more capable than anyone or anything you could give your life to.

So because you got up this morning and when you get up tomorrow, remind yourself of who you are and what you have become. God’s grace has welcomed you to rest and peace because that grace has placed your life under new and capable management. The One who is Creator, Savior, and King has taken ownership. What could be better than that?

Paul David Tripp


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