The night season can be difficult. For all such conditions we have found just one sure antidote–the peace of God. Let our will close the door on the old life with its allures, its pictured memories, and let the last thoughts before falling asleep be set on Him, the Eternal Keeper, who neither slumbers nor sleeps. Let some hymns or a Psalm or calming promise of assurance fill the last conscious moments, and then the spell will be broken.

An old prayer of Sir Thomas Browne’s is as sure of an answer today as it was in an English home three hundred years ago–

While I do rest, my soul advance,
Make me to sleep a holy trance;
That I may, my rest being wrought,
Awake into some holy thought.

And now and here, as always everywhere, there is One whom the winds and waves obey, and He draws near to the frightened soul and says, “It is I; be not afraid.” And when he is as near as that, the weakest of His little children sleeps peacefully, and is almost sure to waken in some holy thought.

– Amy Carmichael
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