I define God’s providence as the unfolding of all the events of one’s life under the perfect control and guidance of God. So what do you do when His providence seems to completely contradict and go against God’s promises, seemingly saying to you, “Nothing is working for good now–this is horrible and God’s promises aren’t working and aren’t true right now in my life.” When all your circumstance and all your feelings say that, what do you do? Try sorting some socks and see how sanctified and in control you are.

Have you ever had to sort family socks when laundry has been done and you have a basket full of socks–all colors, whites, blacks, etc; there are so many that you hardly know where to start, and soon into it, you haven’t the heart or patience to keep on. You get so frustrated that you can’t find socks to match and you want to quit or pull the rest of your hair out.

Why socks in this thought of God’s providence? Because, as Alister Begg recently pointed out, “If we can’t even sort and match a basket of socks perfectly and control that, how in the world could we control or interpret the circumstances of life which go so wrong and seem to contradict and cancel God’s promises?”

There is only one thing to do when providence seems to contradict any of His promises. What do you do? You keep believing the promises of God. They are still true and are unchanging. His providence has not cancelled or frustrated or eliminated His promises, not one of them; nor will any circumstances keep one of His promises from being true for the Christian. Let God be true and every man a liar–and we can also say, “Let God be true and His promises be true, and let the lies that come to our minds through hard circumstances be all seen as liars.”

Let us leave the sorting of socks to those who are gifted and equipped for it. And let us leave our circumstances in the hands of a loving Father, who as Spurgeon said, “Is too wise to be mistaken and too good to be unkind.” God’s providence in our lives does not cancel out or hinder His promises, but often actually brings them about and let us experience them.

– Mack Tomlinson

  1. January 18, 2015

    Amen! Glory to God!

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