The Lord always and ever has our best interest before him. He is the “gardener” who lovingly prunes the branches united to his Son, so that they will bear even more fruit (John 15:1-2). Until we go to be with the Lord, we will find unexpected and sore providences touching our lives. It cannot be otherwise, for the servant is not greater that the Master. But though we might well be hard-pressed on every side, we are never crushed. Though we might well be perplexed, we are never in despair. Even if we are persecuted, we are never abandoned (2 Cor. 4:8-9).

God will not exempt you from the tears or the pains, but he will be with you and in you every step of the way, bringing the infinite resources of the Godhead graciously to sustain you and make you more than a conqueror. He who promised is faithful.

– Ian Hamilton

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