I received an email this morning from a dear friend which included the news of his father passing at the ripe old age of 97. All of the sons have been gospel preachers all of their lives and the father has had a great heritage in that regard, as well as walking with God in these years of old age. I reflected on this in my communication with my friend—

“It did not register with me that this news on your dad was actually “new” news until I had already sent that last brief email; praise the Lord that he is home; I remember many conversations you and I had about your dad and his faithfulness in these recent years in his old age. I just finished reading through Genesis again and it was perhaps the best reading of it I’ve ever had; it struck me as never before that Genesis is basically a compilation of about 6 biographies—Adam/Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. All the rest basically relates to their lives. Peoples’ lives and the brevity of life is what always moves us, but with Genesis, it is always the length of their lives and not the brevity that we can’t relate to, from 969 years down to 120 years. With your father going home at 97 years, he was a youngster, compared to some of the saints in Genesis! But not to us—what a long life God gave him and I join you in your sorrow and your rejoicing that he is with the Savior he loved. May the Lord give a wonderful memorial service; we love you both—”

The length and the brevity of life and eternity are subjects upon which every Christian ought to give much meditation upon.


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