[Editor’s note: The previous unnamed poem or hymn on praying for our children was by Amy Carmichael

Father, our children keep!
We know not what is coming on the earth;
Beneath the shadow of Thy heavenly wing,
O keep them , keep them, Thou Who gav’st them birth.

Father, draw nearer us!
Draw firmer round us Thy protecting arm;
Oh, clasp our children closer to Thy side,
Uninjured in the day of earth’s alarm.

Them in Thy chambers hide!
Oh, hide them and preserve them calm and safe,
When sin abounds and error flows abroad,
And Satan tempts, and human passions chafe.

Oh keep them undefiled!
Unspotted from a tempting world of sin;
That, clothed in white, through the bright city gates–
They may, with us, in triumph enter in.

– Horatius Bonar

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