Prayer keeps the heart open to God, but shut to sin.

Prayer is the key which unlocks God’s treasures of mercy.

Prayer is the arrow and faith is the bow, by which our requests go up to heaven.

A faithless prayer is a fruitless prayer.

Prayer opens the door of heaven and receives the blessings from God’s hand.

God comes down to us by His Spirit and we go up to Him by prayer.

The tree of the promises will not drop its fruit unless shaken by the hand of prayer.

The prayer most likely to pierce heaven is one which first pierces one’s own heart.

Lifeless prayer is no more prayer than the picture of a man is the man.

A godly man will as soon live without food as without prayer.

Prayer delights God’s ear, melts His heart, and opens His hand.

“We cry, Abba, Father!” Romans 8:15
“We cry” – there’s the fervency.
“Abba, Father!” – there’s the faith.

Hannah asked for a son, and God gave her not only a son, but a prophet.

Solomon asked for wisdom, and God gave him not only wisdom, but riches and honor.

Jacob asked that God would give him food and clothing, and God increased his riches to two bands.

The woman of Canaan asked for the life of her child, but Christ gave her that and the life of her soul also.

– Thomas Watson

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