Andrew Bonar – from his diary January 1, 1836
God gives me no small blessing in permitting me to labour for Him in health, with scarcely one single pain in my body all these past years; and He has given me, too, a field of labour and usefulness seldom bestowed on any so early (Bonar was only 26), and given me gifts which many have not. Oh, may this year be more spent in drawing continually out of the Fountain of life.

John Flavel
Take heed that you rest not satisfied with that knowledge of Christ you have attained, but grow on towards perfection. And it is the sin, even of the best of saints, when they see how deep the knowledge of Christ lies, and what pains they must take to dig for it, to throw by the shovel of duty, and cry “Dig we cannot”. To your work, Christians, to your work; let not your candle go out, sequester yourselves to this study, look what fellowship, and correspondence are between the two worlds; what communion soever God and souls maintain, it is in this way; count all, therefore, but dross in comparison of that excellency which is in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Charles Spurgeon
I would that I might preach every hour, and every moment of the day, the unsearchable riches of Christ, for what an awful thing it is to die without a Savior. And then, I thought how many a time I had stood in the pulpit, and had not preached in earnest as I ought to have done, how I have coldly told out the tale of the Savior, when I ought to have wept very showers of tears, in overwhelming emotion. I have gone to my bed full many a season, and have wept myself to sleep, because I have not preached as I have desired, and it will be even so tonight. But oh, the wrath to come! the wrath to come! the wrath to come!

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