There was an exhibition of divine wrath on earth which was the most fearful of all. It was the death of God’s dear Son. What was that death? However you look at it, it was punishment. It was a forensic act. It was the condemnation of a criminal. God could have prevented it and sent him off to live in distant Egypt as he did when he was a baby, but he did not and Jesus chose to take the punishment a blasphemer and revolutionary merited.

If ever there’d been a time when God could have said that he would forego his wrath, and spare his beloved Son, it was surely this for a couple of reasons. First, because the object of that revelation of wrath was dear to God. There never was anyone in the universe so dear to God as his Son. Another reason was that Christ had no sin of his own. Just as his robe was seamless, so was his soul sinless.

Men and women, think of it! One act of Jesus – laying down his life, was so glorious, as an exhibition of God’s justice, that the universe never saw its like and never will again. ‘Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him.’ Those words of one syllable don’t give us the least shadow of his suffering on account of our sin. Men and women, if any thing in the world can show that God will punish sin, it was the death of his dear and sinless Son. He punished him because he was there as the Lamb of God. He was making sacrifice for us. He was there as our substitute. In our place condemned he stood – our Saviour. He bore our wrath in such a way that we will never have to bear it.

– Geoff Thomas

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