We are waiting at the port for our delayed van. God is good and has provided though. The church in Cebu took great pains today to reroute the truck and get it on a ship leaving today instead of tomorrow, which is great as we needed that extra day.

Thanks to all who prayed; it is no small thing, almost every cargo boat is booked constantly due to relief trucks from the United Nations and government coming over. God had to intervene to get us here. We will sleeve the night in Oromac and then travel to Basey early in the morning with our whole crew, Lord willing.

We found 6 chainsaws total and are entrusting them to church leaders to use for the community. These are vital. For example, in the city of Baybay, we are in had only 1 chainsaw for 100,000 people and still cleared their city of downed trees and other things. We hope God will use these to help others. Also we confirmed the filters can be shipped to our island this week, which will give us 100 more units to distribute to communities.

We also bought out almost every remaining Tagalog and Wari Bible in the Cebu Bible stores in our area; good translations were hard to find but we have almost 300 for those churches that lost their Bibles in the flood. The church in Cebu, Sovereign Grace Bible Church, has been exceptional in their help towards us and are a memorable example of joyful Christian selfless service to a group of strangers they only just met. We are most thankful for their fellowship and friendship. We hope to deliver all the tools, nails and other supplies tomorrow, Lord willing. Pray for safety on the road and open doors to the communities. Our time is getting short, but the need is yet great.

– Dan

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