One word as to the length of sermons. This should never be determined by the clock, but upon broader considerations. Short sermons for small subjects and longer sermons for large subjects. It is true that it is bad policy to fatigue men, but shortness is not the only remedy for that. The true way to shorten a sermon is to make it more interesting. The object of preaching is not to let men out of church at a given time.

– Henry W. Beecher

The truth must be preached boldly. ‘When vice is bold, it is said that virtue should be sneaking.’ When error, like Goliath, struts and defies the armies of the living God, then let not David be unarmed. A smooth stone from the brook will bring down the braggart. A tame or timid proclamation of God’s laws and mercies is only miserable slobbering. Let us not fear what man can do unto us. Paul could stand a whipping post, but not a weeping farewell. We must not be chicken-hearted. When the Jews were filled with envy, and was contradicted and blasphemed, Paul and Barnabas waxed bold. How much afraid he was of coming short in this respect may be learned from his beseeching the Ephesians to pray that utterance might be given him, “that he might open his mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the Gospel, and that he might speak boldly, as he ought to speak.”

– William S. Plumer

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