C. H. Spurgeon love to tell stories about the rural life of his grandfather and how God provided for his family, especially in hard circumstances. Even though grandfather Spurgeon was a preacher, his main living came from his small farm. He had one cow that provided milk for his many children. One day the cow got sick and died, leaving them destitute of needed sustenance. “God has the power to give us fifty cows if He so pleases”, John Spurgeon said to his distraught wife.

On that very day, a committee in London met in London, which had the responsibility of handling a fund for poor ministers. After distributing all the funds to those who had requested help, there was 5 pounds remaining in the fund, and one of the committee knew of John Spurgeon, so they decided it would go to him. “That’s not enough”, another said, so he added 5 more personally and 2 others did the same.

The next day, the Spurgeons received 20 pounds in the post from the Lord, in recompense for the loss of the departed cow. When Mr. Spurgeon opened the envelope and saw the money and the note, he said to his wife, “Now, can’t you trust God about an old cow?”

– Tom Nettles

What can we not, what will we not, trust God about? Can we not trust God?
– Mack Tomlinson

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