Are we voyagers upon a troubled and dangerous sea? Here is a chart by which to steer in safety to the happy shores. Are we soldiers, surrounded by foes and required to endure the battle? Are we pilgrims and strangers, worn and weary in our search for the home from which we are exiles? From the Bible gush fresh waters of life, the cooling shades from the Rock of our salvation, and the guiding word to cheer and encourage us until we reach our Father’s house.
Indeed, the Bible is beyond the power of language to express the excellence and richness of spiritual treasure found in the book of God. It is the miraculous cruse of oil of the Shunamite woman which never runs out. It is the rod of Moses which swallows the Egyptian serpents and parts the sea of trouble, and brings forth waters in the thirsty wilderness. It is the ladder of Jacob on which our spirits ascend to commune with God and angels.

– Joseph Seiss

Would I have found Thy word my bulwark
If shipwreck had not overtaken me?
The words I spoke by rote
In chaos and in flood tide rescued me.

What passed before was empty rhetoric,
Sincere but untried truth, all glibly said,
Till I had need for more than speech.

“Send safety and salvation!”
In wordless grief I prayed,
And, stronger than the ship of self-sufficiency,
Thy Word my shipwrecked soul brought safe to shore.

– Ruth T. Spinnanger

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