John Milne, 1849

It was power that he sought–power with God for the sake of men. He desired influence, but it was influence with God, and as the result of that, influence with the souls of men. Other power and influence he care nothing for. “I think”, he said, “I feel the lack of power to speak to men as sinners, and to convince them of their lost estate. O Lord, let not my ministry be a useless, ineffectual one! Let me not be the dumb dog that cannot bark. I see that useful power in dealing with souls can only be through the Holy Ghost operating upon them. O, Peace of our peace, Life of our life, Light of our light, be with me!”

Do we see it, need it, desire it, and pray for it, as John Milne did?

“How much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?” – Luke 11:13

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