I was much refreshed by thinking upon, “Who shall separate me from the love of Christ?” No distraction in my journey will ever keep me from being an object of Christ’s love and care.

Our comfort comes from knowing our justification is complete, not from the condition of our own holiness.

Today I preached at Dundee with the object of seeking a pouring down of the Holy Spirit.
The lesson I have been learning of late is that William Burns (mutual friend of Bonar and Robert Murray M’Cheyne) is used as an instrument of God, where others have been laboring in vain, because he is much in prayer beyond all of us. It is not special words that God blesses, but prayer.

I have been preaching in Edinburgh, Perth, and then went straight to Huntly. Much helped in all these places in the last 14 days. There are droppings of the Spirit throughout the whole region.

I see that to be close with God gives abundant strength. I ought to preach and speak always, as ‘not alone’. I should have the feeling that the Father is with me, to draw souls while I speak.

It is the minister who is speaking truly in faith or with a sense of God’s presence that is most blessed.

This afternoon a message came, telling me of Robert M’Cheyne’s death. Never, never, in all my life have I felt anything like this. My heart is sore. It makes me feel death near myself now. There was no friend whom I loved like him. How very unlike Robert I have been. O, that his mantle would fall upon me. He was so reverent toward God, so full of desire toward Him. His lamp was always burning. Lord, please give me, henceforth, more holiness.

Never do I think of Robert’s calm and blessed countenance in death without being overpowered. Today I could do nothing except weep as we stood up to sing. Yet Jesus is a rock in a weary land.

– Andrew Bonar

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