Remember that sexual orientation vs. practice means that some professing evangelicals believe that homosexual practices are immoral, but having the sexual “orientation” of being attracted to the same sex gender is acceptable, as long as sex is not involved. So homosexual practices are wrong, but the orientation toward persons of the same sex is acceptable. This works out as, “We are a couple that don’t practice any sexual relationship, but still maintain our friendship and close relationship as life partners because we have that orientation.”

While there is certainly much confusion increasingly in both society and the professing evangelical church over the issue of sexual orientation, some are taking an even more radical and perverted position. It is one thing to say that orientation is different than sexual practice. But some are saying that their orientation is not a choice, but they are living in this orientation because they were created with it–so it is natural and God-given, and thus it is completely right to live as God created me.

It is critical to understand what they are saying, because according to this deceptive view, the “homosexual acts” that the Bible refers to are committed by those who do not have the true orientation, but are those who “choose” to indulge in homosexual behavior without the natural orientation toward same-sex gender. The reason it is critical to see what they are saying is because this view actually holds that it would be sin for those with the same-gender orientation to attempt to live any other way. Again, they are actually making the case that it would be immoral for a homosexually-oriented person to live as a heterosexual. According to this view, orientation is the divine order originally given for them and to depart from it would be going against nature and even against God’s will for them.

This view is being adopted by professing Christian organizations that were originally biblical and evangelical in their position. This shows that moral and religious insanity is increasing aggressively in our nation. God is giving the nation over to an increasing departure from the truth toward social apostasy. I [Dan] personally know at least a half-dozen young women, all from Christian homes, who have entered into this lifestyle in the past year. They truly see it as a liberation and as the civil rights call of our day. Christians who hold to the biblical position are now viewed like those in the deep south who sought to enslave minorities (we are now the KKK types). Legislation is even being crafted against our apparent “immoral” view and voice.

As we speak to people who evidence that they have believed the lie of sexual orientation vs. practice, let us not remain silent. We are denying Christ’s truth if we are silent when we ought to be speaking up.

So the first time or the next time you hear anyone say, “Well, gay practices may not be right, but the orientation is fine because God make them that way”, you should simply say, “No–the Bible does not allow for either the practice or the orientation of homosexuality.”

– Dan Rudman and Mack Tomlinson

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