Romans chapter 4 introduces us to this great life of faith. What you have to learn is that you don’t focus on faith itself. You don’t say “I’m going to become a man/woman of faith.” “No, I am setting myself to know God, and the more I know God, the more I become a man of faith. That is the way it comes. It is always peaceful. It is always restful. It is always without strain. Never doubledmindedness. So don’t be taken up with faith. Be taken up with God and suddenly you find you are walking by faith and you don’t even know it. The enemy can very cleverly get you taken up with doctrines. You have to get past the doctrine to the one of whom the doctrine speaks. You must always end with the Lord. Be occupied with the faithfulness of God, whose faithfulness you see in the scriptures, church history and in your own personal life.

Think of all HE has done for you to bring you to this moment. Rejoice in the LORD. Be taken up with God, be taken up with His Son …be taken up with the Spirit…with the Word that introduces you to the Trinity. There is simplicity in Christ. What is your objective to be?–“I am going to set myself to know God.” How do I know Him? Through a study of His attributes. Suddenly I find I am walking with a firmer step; speaking with a more confident note. My doublemindedness has left me. I am beginning to know my God.

So you become a man of faith. Someone says, “you are a man of faith”. “No, I have a little faith and a GREAT GOD.” Emphasis not on faith but on God. If you are occupied with faith, it is the old trap of being occupied with yourself again. That is deadly. Nobody walks in victory that is occupied with themself. Have you lost your joy? Of course, you have if you are occupied with yourself. Any person occupied with himself will lose his joy. You begin seeking the Lord again for His Glory, and satisfaction and joy comes in again.

– Joseph Carroll

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