A dear young Christian brother I know is losing his mother to her battle with cancer; we shared this week with each other via email


My mom was moved to a hospice home this morning. She can’t move without assistance. All the family is either here or flying in Monday. It appears the time is short.

My dad spent the whole day at the hospice house and will spend the night there. The rest of us in the family, and several people from the church, were there for visits throughout the day. There is certainly sorrow at seeing our beloved mother, wife, friend coming close to the end, but we also have peace. We had times of reading scripture, singing hymns, and conversation (though it is difficult for Mom to speak now).

I am finding that there are many opportunities to serve and be helpful and encouraging. Please pray the Lord will strengthen me. Sorrow can be hard to bear. But we also know that joy comes in the morning, and our faith is in God.

I can list many things I am thankful for and ways I can see God’s mercy at work.

Thank you very much for your prayers.

My reply to him
Dearest brother,
We had special prayer for your mom and for your entire family this morning at our church meeting, and our hearts and thoughts are with you; I know that facing the possible loss of her is new territory for you to experience; I have been through it several time, losing both parents, and then my adoptive mom of 48 years, plus our first daughter in 1979, and then very close friends; sudden loss of those we love is very real and the sadness is real;

Yet we must look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are unseen, at the greater reality of what God is doing in this. Praise God for the hope of those who are in Christ; you grieve and hurt, but not as those who have no hope; if this is the Lord’s time and way for her to go to Him, His way is perfect, though we long for them to remain; we continue to pray for healing and still seek to believe God to work. Perhaps He may yet spare her.

But it is not a lack of faith when we don’t see healing; God’s sovereign purposes are overarching all things and are working for her good and our good. We will never have clear understanding until that day that we see “face to face.”

May the love of God our Father, the grace of our Lord Jesus, and the communion of the Holy Spirit rest upon all your family at this time; I am so thankful that they are all believers and you can each walk with Christ through this together.

Let us know if we can do anything for you and please send me your home address there.

Yours with love and affection toward you, brother


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