“You were wearied with the length of your way, but you did not say, ‘It is hopeless; you found new life for your strength, and so you were not faint.”- Isaiah 57:10

Weary in the journey? For all believers, there is a weariness that come with the longevity of living out this life in the battle of living for Christ. It could not be any other way. It is not intended to be any other way.

It is only an American fantasy that makes ones believe that this life is to be all good, easy, successful, and romantic. The reality is that this entire life’s journey is hard, difficult, stretching, challenging, stressful, and enlarging. It pushes the frail human (yes, the Christian as well; in fact, especially the Christian) at times far beyond human ability to maintain strength and vitality.

We do become weary IN the journey, BECAUSE OF the journey. The length of our way, Isaiah says, is the cause. It is one thing to run 100 meters; it is quite another thing to run a marathon. This life, and living the Christian life year after year after year after year — for years, is wearying. We go through too much, we experience too much, we face too much, we suffer too much, we grow tired, we have deepest sorrows, we over-extend ourselves, we don’t function at times with wisdom, and we make choices that have seemingly negative consequences. In essence, we become wearied spiritually, emotionally, and physically because of the length of our way. Isaiah says so.

BUT the difference for the true believer is that they will never ultimately say, “It is hopeless”; Oh, he or she may feel that and even be tempted to say it to themselves for a brief time. But it doesn’t last- such a feeling of hoplessness for the Christian is always and only temporal. Then changes and help comes.

The reason is one thing- “you found new life for your strength”; new, fresh strength, hope, help, quickening, vitality, renewal, and power comes to us always. It cannot fail. It is a promise of God throughout His word that the believer will be renewed and strengthened by the mighty and supernatural help of the grace of the Spirit.

The result is “so you were not faint” – what a blessed promise and gift from our sustaining Saviour; He will never let one of His children down. Strength, help, new life, and hope will come. Look to Him; He created you, He has loved you with an everlasting love, He redeemed you, He saved you and called you with a heavenly calling, He has given you exceeding great and precious promises, and He will not fail you. Trust Him and ask Him for new life. It is available for weary saints.

– Mack T

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