What’s in a Name?

A Name? Recently we baptized someone. It was “in the name of Jesus”, Acts 8:16. What is in a name? Authority is a great part of it. What a difference between Private Smith and General Smith.

Why? Christian workers often take a name for their ministry or their church. Why? Perhaps there is some functional necessity or benefit. Hopefully it is not an attempt to gain authority, to appear official, or to secure a reputation like those of Babel and Sardis (above) and be better “received” by men.

The Lord Jesus implies that if He had come in another name, He would have been received, John 5:43. Let each one examine himself.

One Name. In the end, the name of the Lord Jesus is all that matters. His name is right now above every name, Ephesians 1:21. All authority! To go in His name is enough for the Christian.

– Bob Jennings

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