Recommended Reading – Servant of the Word and Flock

John MacArthur: Servant of the Word and Flock – by Iain Murray, published by the Banner of Truth Trust

While on vacation with my family in Myrtle Beach, S. C., I am currently reading the new biography by Iain Murray on the life of John MacArthur; it is a brief overview of his over-all life and call to the ministry, and the effects that his preaching and pastoral work have had on twentieth and twenty-first century American evangelicalism. In this brief work, Iain Murray writes vintage Christian biography, as only he can do.

I will be sending out a review of the book in the next 2 weeks. I heartily recommend the reading of this book to any Christian. It would be a good gift for any young man called to the ministry or for any pastor.

– Mack T.

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