The Problem of Living in this World

The problem of living in this world is to pass through life’s changes without being harmed by them, then growing in a more and more radiant and beautiful Christly life, whatever our circumstances and experiences may be.

It is in this phase of our living that we need Christ most of all. We cannot escape meeting temptation; but we are to meet it, yet not be hurt by it, coming from it rather with new strength and new radiancy of soul.

We cannot find a path in which no sorrow shall come into our life, but we are to pass through sorrow without having our life marred by it.

None but Christ can keep us thus unhurt–amid the manifold perils through which we must move continually. It is only by committing our life into the hands of Christ, that there ever can be absolute safety in this world so full of evil, or that our life ever can reach its holiest possibilities.

– J. R. Miller

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