Today many professing Christians approach unbelievers with a self-centered gospel, telling them, “God has a great plan for your life; you are someone special and you are valuable to God; God needs you.” One would think that these messengers are “head-hunters” for God’s corporation.

But the biblical picture of true evangelism is more like picking up trash and waste from the side of the road, so that God might transform people into useful objects by his sovereign mercy and power. Paul writes that the unconverted are worthless, that not one of them does good, not even one (Romans 3:12). Thus, whereas Onesimus was “useless” before his conversion, he had become “useful” after he was converted (Philemon 1).

– Fred Smith


  1. This would not be popular to say to people today, it would surely damage their 'self-esteem'.

    However, if the word of God tells us there is none righteous, then there is none righteous. If it says we are sinners, we are sinners.

    Thank God that He is merciful, and has not left us to ourselves.

    That does not even bear thinking about.

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