Ravenhill on the Canadian Revival

(This is from the City Editor of the Winnipeg, Manitoba Free Press, writting in Decision Magazine in March, 1972; his article was entitled ‘Quickening in Canada’. The editor goes north in zero degree weather and observes that revival has “warmed things up.”

” I had long known about the revival for two weeks, having read the excellent accounts in Christianity Today, but was not sure how to handle the story in ‘Decision.’ I telephoned Saskatoon and learned that the evangelists, the Suteras twins, had gone to Regina, and the Ebenezer minister, the Reverend Bill L. McLeod, was in Winnipeg: but the Saskatoon meetings were continuing each night. Then I received a letter from a friend who is a world authority on revival, Leonard Ravenhill, in Nassau, Bahamas.

He wrote back: “Dear Woody, when meetings last until 2 and 3 a.m. — when couples tear up their divorce papers before 1,800 people — when the chief of police says there is a rash of crime-confessing — when shopkeepers say they are staggered by the number of people confessing their shoplifting — when lawyers and psychologists get saved — when church members confess they have been living in sin — when all this and more happens night after night for weeks — then one can say there is a touch of revival. Hop a plane, my brother, and get a ‘foretaste of Glory divine.’

That seemed to be the summons I was waiting for, so I flew to Winnipeg on December 15, 1971 and attended services that evening in Elim Chapel…”

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