All my Springs are in You

Psalm 87:7

Thus it is with the Christian. Christ is all in all. He is the source of everything we live on and possess. All our springs are from Him and in Him alone. He is the origination continually of all that comes to us.

Our love springs from Him because He first loved us and has poured out His love in our hearts.

Our hope in in HIm alone, our help, strength, peace, and empowering comes from Him alone. If Christ left us to ourselves for even a moment, we would collapse and be nothing. The Christian is, in reality, KEPT by the very power of God through our Saviour. All, all, all our springs are in Him.

Look not elsewhere. You won’t find it. No need searching. It is non-existent outside of Christ Himself. But in Him are all the treasures, both of the wisdom and knowledge of God. All our springs come forth from and through Him to each of us.

What a Saviour and what a Source. Today, all my springs for strength, wisdom, encouragement, provision, and sustenance are in Him. Come and drink. Come and dine. Come and receive what is needed. Tell Him, “Lord Jesus, all my springs are in You.”

– Mack Tomlinson

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