The Body is Dead Because of Sin

Not just for those with cancer, but for all –”the body is dead because of sin”, Rom 8.10. It does not say ‘will be dead’. We are all like wounded animals, going a little ways, before the arrow of sin and death takes us down. All have a terminal disease. And we ought to value and “number our days”, Psa 90.12, like a school boy in spring. It is one thing to waste money, but it is another to waste time.
I can remember like yesterday when I came to Christ. Now my almost 40 years as a Christian seem like a dream. I thought I would get so much farther. I thought I could memorize more Bible, more, more of everything, more love to Thee, O Christ. Yes, there is a place of rest –”by the grace of God we are what we are.” But any lukewarm, mediocre, casual consecration is such a deception. Puttering is so pitiful. Idling on the housetop is so dangerous. Wasted of privileges will hurt our soul at the end of our days about the same as some out-and-out sin.
Does our zeal bite a little? For the Lord Jesus, His “zeal consumed Him”, Jn 2.17. The call is to work “while it is day,” knowing Him and making Him known. When the engine is dead and the plane is going down, you’d better get as close to land and light and you can –now –for “the body is dead.”

– Bob Jennings

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