Some Musings for the Soul

Spiritual Awakening & Revival

“It is easier to speak about revival than to set about it.” Horatius Bonar

Obedience to Scripture

“As there is a foolish wisdom, so there is a wise ignorance in not prying into God’s ark and not inquiring into things not revealed. I would know all that I need, and all that I may, but I leave God’s secrets to Himself. It is happy for me that God includes me in His court though not as His counselor.” Joseph Hall


“Sometimes when I have said a humorous thing in preaching, I have not asked you to excuse me, for if God has given me humor, I mean to use it in his cause; many a man has been caught, and his ear arrested, and his attention won by a quaint remark. If any one can prove it is a wickedness, and not a natural faculty, I will abandon it; but it is a faculty of nature, and it ought to be consecrated and used for the cause of Christ.”

– C.H. Spurgeon

Speak Your Mind