My Father

“My Father!” – Jeremiah 3:4

This is a child’s cry. It is full of meaning, full of love, full of comfort and is a title which the Lord loves to hear us use!

“Lord, give us the Spirit of adoption this morning, and let us see and feel, that we are Your children.”

Believer, to whom will you go in trouble? To whom will you look in difficulty? To whom will you cry in danger? From whom will you ask when in need?
Surely I hear you say, “My Father!”

Who speaks to you in the Bible? Who tries you by His providence? Who chastens you with His rod? Who purifies and cleanses you? Who humbles and reproves you? Again you will say, “My Father!”

Who supports the world? Who controls the nations? Who chains up Satan? Who comforts the believer? Who pardons the backslider?
Again you reply, “My Father!”

Then I exhort you to . . . trust your Father’s Word, abide in your Father’s house, expect from your Father’s hand, and say in every trial: “I will arise and go to my Father!”

– James Smith

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