Marks of a Genuine Work of God

Jonathan Edwards reminds us that when the Holy Spirit moves in His power and brings a reviving work of grace upon the earth, such a work will always be characterized by certain realities. Any genuine work of God, though varied in its expression, will always have these marks:

1. It exalts Jesus Christ and not a man.

2. It attacks the kingdom of darkness and is not passive.

3. It honors Scripture and not man’s ideas.

4. It promotes sound doctrine and error is refuted.

5. It involves an outpouring of God’s love. Divisions are healed and lost people are sought for Christ.

Let us continue to pray for such a move of God’s grace wherever we live. Oh, for mercy drops to begin to fall in various places, bringing a new and true work of God the Holy Spirit among us.

– Mack Tomlinson

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