True Saving Faith

It is not the amount of faith that saves a person. One drop of water is as much true water as the whole ocean. So a little faith is just as much true faith as the greatest faith. A child eight days old is just as much a person as a sixty year; one spark of fire is as just as much true fire as a great flame; a sick man is as much alive as a well man.

So it is not the measure of your faith that saves you; it is the blood of Christ that any true faith clings to that saves you. As the weak hand of a child that leads the spoon to the mouth will feed as well as the strongest arm of a man, for it is not the hand that feeds you, but rather the food that is carried into the stomach that feeds you.

So if you can grip Christ ever so weakly, He will not let you perish. All that looked to the brazen serpent, no matter how far away they were- they were healed of the sting of the fiery serpent; yet all saw not alike clearly, for some were near at hand, and some were far off. Those that were near might see more clearly than those that were far off; nevertheless, those that were far off were just as healed of the sting when they looked to the serpent as those that were nearer to it. It was not their look that made them whole, but the One that the serpent represented.

So if you can look to Christ ever so dimly, He can take away the sting of your conscience if you believe. The weakest hand can take a gift as well as the strongest. Now Christ is the gift, and weak faith may grip Him, just as strong faith can grip Him. Christ is as truly yours when you have weak faith, as when you have triumphant joy through strong faith.

– John Welsh

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