Have You Heard the Good News?

You and I are dying sinners. We cannot live always. Before long, we shall be lying in our graves. These are serious matters that ought to make you feel grave. But there is good news. Have you heard the good news?

That good news is that God has provided a glorious Saviour for us. His dear Son, Jesus Christ, died upon the cross for sinners. By His death, he made atonement for sin and purchased a full forgivness for the ungodly. In a word, Christ has done all, paid all, and suffered all that was needed to reconcile us to God. He has provided a garment of righteousness to clothe us. He has opened a fountain of living waters to cleanse us. He has removed every barrier between us and God the Father, taken every obstacle out of the way, and made a road by which the vilest may return — all things are now ready on God’s part. A complete salvation has been provided.

But what is it that God asks for on the part of man? How are the privileges of this great salvation to be made the sinner’s own? What is the means by which you and I are to obtain an interest in Jesus Christ?

The answer to all these questions is short and simple — “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” There is but one thing needful on our part to our justification, and that one thing is faith.

Faith, simple faith in the only thing required, in order than you and I may be forgiven. God asks us to come to Jesus as sinners, with our sins, to trust in Him, rest on Him, lean on Him, confide in Him, commit our souls to Him, and forsaking all other hope, cleave only to Him. This is all and everything that God asks. Let a man do this and he shall be saved. All his iniquities shall be completely pardoned, and his transgressions entirely taken away. This IS the good news.

– John Newton

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