Spurgeon’s Prayer for Missions

Awake, Thou Spirit, who of old,
Didst fire the watchman of the church’s youth;
Who faced the foe, unshrinking bold,
Who witnessed day and night the eternal truth,
Whose voices through the world are ringing still
And bringing hosts to know and do Thy will.

Oh, that Thy fire were kindled soon,
That swift from land to land its flames might leap,
Lord, give us but this priceless boon
Of faithful servants, fit for Thee to reap the harvest of the soul,
Look down and view how great the harvest, yet few the laborers.

Oh, haste to help, ere we are lost,
Send forth evangelists in spirit strong,
Armed with Thy Word, a dauntless host,
Bold to attack the rule of ancient wrong
And let them all the earth for Thee reclaim,
To be Thy kingdom and to know Thy name.

– C. H. Spurgeon

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