"I Love You More"

This is an encouraging testimony from our friend, recently widowed, Elizabeth McElroy, about God’s faithfulness and loving encouragement.

Kent and I had a wonderful saying. It was a saying that perhaps some of you use to show your love for another. He or I would say to each other, “Love You,” as we exited the house, called each other on the phone, or when we left each other, of course always knowing we would be back together soon. It was our way of empowering each other towards good days, because we had the sense of knowing we would be back together at home or wherever we would meet. (NEVER TAKE THAT FOR GRANTED!!!!!) After one of us would say, “Love You,” the other one would turn right back around and say, “I love you more.” Then we started saying, “I love you more than all the mores in the whole universe,” and silly things like that, things that made us laugh, and sometimes split our sides.

Today as I left Union Station (a historical place) in KC, I noticed quite a large amount of the pavement was made up of bricks that had been laid.
In front of the station there are around 300 parking places, all marked with a number at the end. On the pavement there’s a number and above it are the names of people who clearly were remembered for being privileged or frequent travelers at the station!

As I looked at the bricks and was reading the names, there in the paving was a brick that said, “Love you more.” I saw it, couldn’t believe my eyes and then started walking away. But, the words drew me back to the brick again. Right then and there I knew there was no coincidence about this. It was one of the only bricks that did not have a name or something about the person on it. It was as if God was letting me know Kent knows I am OK, and He was letting me know Kent is doing just fine! It was God’s amazing gift to me today, just when I needed it, not a minute sooner, not a minute later. It was as if I was being told, now that all things had become quiet and I was listening, that God could speak.

Taste and see, God is so good, I ran to Him and He covered me!!

– Elizabeth McElroy

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