When David was Hurting- Part 2

When people find that they really want to be truthful or have to be truthful, they often preface their words with such phrases as “Well, to be totally honest . . ” or “To tell you the truth . . . ” or “Quite honestly . . . ” or “Well, candidly, just between you and I . . . “

I believe it is just such an attitude that David, when he was hurting, brought to God in prayer. He didn’t play religious games; he didn’t try to impress God with somehow praying acceptable prayers; he became very real, very honest, and very transparent.

Hear again are some other honest words and confessions in the Psalms:

My eye is wasted from grief – 31:9

I have been forgotten like one who has died – 31:12

I hear the whispering of many – 31:13

They scheme together against me – 31:13

They plot to take my life – 31:13

Let me not be put to shame – 31:17

Day and night Your hand was heavy upon me – 32:4

My strength is dried up – 32:4

It’s one thing to read David writing such things, but we must remember that he was actually saying these words out loud to God in prayer. When are we this honest with God and with ourselves?

Picture a lady who has a skin problem. She calls a friend in another city who is a determatologist just to get advice. “Describe to me your situation with your skin.” ‘Well, I’ve always had fair skin and I really want it to be better; I wash my face well every night and I like how it feels; I think it might be better now, but I just want it to improve and any imperfections be gone.”

Then there’s another lady. She calls the friend, who then asks, “What’s the problem with your skin?” “Well, there is acne that has developed on my forehead for some reason; there is also extra dry and flaky skin all over both cheeks; then I have ugly wrinkles developing around my mouth, and also my nose develops redness and is extra tender most of the time.”

Of these two, which one is going to get any real help from the expert? Only the second one. She was fully and specifically honest.

How will we get the kind of help from God’s grace through prayer if we don’t pray as David did?

If we are anything in prayer, let’s be honest with the Lord Jesus when we pray. Let’s tell the Father exactly what we are feeling and experiencing.

How about beginning in prayer by saying, “Lord, I’m here, and to be totally honest, . . . “

Full honesty and unlimited expression in prayer are the means to freedom, release, peace, help, a new and right perspective, and fresh faith & hope. Why did David always going on with God? Why was he able to always worship as he did? Why did he fully become the man he was? Because his heart was honest with God and he expressed it freely.

– Mack Tomlinson

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