From the Heart of Leonard Ravenhill

Some 60 years ago, most all good churches had a street meeting. But now that light of testimony has gone out. Then there used to be a weekly prayer meeting in most churches; that light, too, has gone out. There used to be a Sunday night meeting, but in most churches, that light has gone out. There also used to be a family altar, but in most homes now, that light has gone out as well. And there used to be 10 lights (Commandments) in every schoolroom. Now that light has gone out. But God will arise and yet scatter His enemies.

Prophets, God ordained, must arise,
Prophets are holy men,
Prophets are lonely men,
True prophets are not appeasers, but opposers,
Prophets are definite, defiant, and difficult.

The man who bows the knee to the Father will not bow the knee to compromise.

A man must hear the voice of God before he can be a voice for God.

Man’s only options are the blood of the Lamb or the wrath of the Lamb.

Smart men walked on the moon, daring men walked on the ocean floor, but wise men walk with God.

– Leonard Ravenhill

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