The Promise of His Guidance

“Show me the way I should walk, for I come to you in prayer.” Psalm 143:8

We cannot know the way ourselves. The path across one little day seems very short, but none of us can find it ourselves. Each day is a hidden world to our eyes as we enter it in the morning. We cannot see one step before us as we go forth. An impenetrable veil covers the brightest day, as with night’s black robes. It may have joys and prosperities for us or it may bring to us sorrows and adversities. Our path may lead us into a garden or the garden may be a Gethsemane. We have our plans as we go out in the morning, but we are not sure that they will be realized. The day will bring duties, responsibilities, temptations, perils, tangles which our fingers cannot unravel, and obscure paths in which we cannot find the way.

What could be more fitting in the morning than the prayer, “Show me the way I should walk!” God knows all that is in the day for us. His eye sees to its close and He will be our guide.

There is no promise given more repeatedly in the Bible than that of divine guidance. We have it in the shepherd psalm, “He leads me in the paths of righteousness.” Paths of righteousness are right paths. All God’s paths are clean and holy; they are the ways of His commandments. But there is another sense in which they are right paths. They are the right ways because they are the best ways for us. Often they are not the ways which we would have chosen. They do not seem to be good ways. But nevertheless they are right and lead to blessing and honor. We are always safe, therefore, in praying this prayer on the morning of any day, “Show me the way I should walk!”

– J. R. Miller

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