A Wife’s Encouragement to her Husband

Men are often told how much their wives need encouragement. And it is so true. Men are often exhorted to give encouragement to their wives. And it is always a need for us to do so.

But it is just as true that women need to encourage their husbands as well. A wife’s words are a very powerful means of bringing either discouragement or encouragement to their husband.

Here are the words of one wife to her husband that were brought to my attention. Had to be a real encouragement to him!

“Let me count the ways that I love you in the midst of life!

You are my love

You love the Lord more each day

You are willing to keep trying

You put up with so much from a wife like me

You are forgiving

You desire to seek the Lord first

You love your family

You stay in touch with friends

You study to show yourself approved

You are persevering

You cast all your cares upon the Lord, and why wouldn’t you do that?– He cares for you

You are always willing to pitch in and help at home

You are willing to care for your children and grandchildren

You keep your hair combed

You remember to turn your socks right side out for the wash

You have lovely green eyes

You endure painful situations

You trust in the Lord with all your heart

You keep on trusting Him

You encourage others to know the Lord

You are willing to go to the ends of the earth to obey the Lord

You are wise with your time

and I will continue this list at another time………………………

Have a great night.”

I have a feeling her husband was encouraged and more ready than ever to keep doing the things she mentioned.

Wives, encourage your husbands– it’ll do em good and they’ll become better husbands and better men.

– Mack Tomlinson

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