Sinners Always Avoid the Obvious

A friend recently mentioned they heard someone ask Martha Stewart the question, “You are so busy and active. What would you do if you got sick?”, to which Stewart replied, “Sick? I’m too busy to get sick; I can’t get sick; I don’t have time to get sick; don’t talk about getting sick; I don’t want to even think about it.”

Such is the world’s attitude and approach to reality. Sickness?- “I don’t like the subject”; Sin?- “don’t talk to me about that religious stuff”; Death?- “O, that’s morbid, why don’t you talk about something pleasant?”

Often unbelievers, when facing the end of life, they and their families won’t even discuss death and the need to be ready and face it; instead, the attitude is, “let’s just enjoy and have fun in the remaining time we’ve got with you- let’s be pleasant, laugh, eat, share memories, and be positive; we don’t want to be discouraging and negative; let’s all smile and be positive.” Let’s translate that:

Denial- “I don’t want to talk about it.”

The largest, most applicable realities that affect life the most are those that the world doesn’t want to deal with it; Instead, they will only talk food, fun times, cars, movies, jokes, clothes, gossip, the latest Tiger Woods news, college football, movie stars, and fads. It’s not that they only want to talk about lesser temporals, those are the only things that are real to unbelievers so its all they can talk about.

If God, Jesus Christ, sin, sickness, death, and eternity are not real to you, then you will have no interest in thinking about or focusing upon the greater issues of life, living, dying, and entering eternity.

So I would ask Ms. Stewart, “Well, Martha, when you come to die, will you be cooking then? What will you do when sickness does come and you are not before the cameras, but instead are on a sick bed– what will you do then? Then, you will have time to be sick. When death comes to you, then you will face it. You may not want to think about it now, but then you will have no choice.”

Sickness and / or death are fast approaching, and you will have a personal encounter with the irresistible force of every greater reality–sickness, death, eternity, and facing God in judgment and the unavoidable appointment of standing before the judge of the universe, Jesus Christ; then, you will not discuss cooking, or aunt Molly, or Facebook or Twittering, or the latest fad; when that day comes, guess what will be real then? Him and eternity and your fixed eternal destiny.

And guess what will not be in the thoughts of unbelievers then? Food, fun times, cars, movies, jokes, clothes, gossip, the latest Tiger Woods news, college football, movie stars, and fads.

“I don’t like to think about it?” Every unbeliever, including Martha Stewart, needs to get real, get honest, get a Bible, and get to the Saviour to get ready. Now is the only time to think about it.

– Mack Tomlinson

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