When I Grumble about the Weather

“The Lord has heard all your grumblings against Him!” Exodus 16:8

Does God really hear every discontented word I ever speak? Does He hear when I grumble about the hard winter, about the late spring, about the dry summer, about the wet harvest?

Does He hear when I grumble about the frosts, about the drought, about the high winds, about the storms?

Does He hear when I grumble about my circumstances, about the hardness of my situation, about my losses and disappointments?

If we could get into our heart, and keep there continually, the consciousness that God hears every word we speak, would we murmur and complain as much as we do?

We are generally careful to not speak words which would give pain to the hearts of those we love. Are we as careful not to say anything that will grieve our Heavenly Father?

“I tell you this–that you must give an account on judgment day of every idle word you speak.” Matthew 12:36

“He who complains of the weather is complaining of the God who ordains the weather!” — William Law

– J. R. Miller

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